Grihasta Seminar at ISKCON Convention Centre,Bangalore

Hare Krishna.

ISKCON Convention Centre organizes a


conducted by Dr Dwarkadeesh Das from Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai and his good wife. They have tremendous experience in conducting the seminar and have done so in many ISKCON temples in several countries in the world.<!–more–>

The two-day seminar comprises of

·      Presentation

·      Exercises and

·      Personal interaction for the desirous.

The seminar will greatly benefit any grihasta couple in aspects on leading a Vedic way of life. Generally grihastas approach their Bhakti Vriksha group leader/preacher with material and spiritual problems in their life. Those engaged in active preaching and counseling can gain enormous experience in handling various situations.

Venue: ISKCON Convention Centre, 3rd Main Road, Samrvrudhi Enclave, Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore


First session: 6th April ’13     Time: 6 – 8.30 pm

Second Session: 7th April ’13 Time: 10.30 am -1pm

Third Session:  For families who want personal association – immediately after program/after lunch.

Registration Charges: Rs. 150 per head

To register please call –

HG Doyamoy Baladev Das: 9900113594